Top 3 benefits of green technology

Green technology is a way of producing or manufacturing products without causing any harm to the environment. Green technology is used to make the environment sustainable. It will help preserve our natural resources for our next generations. Green technology will produce products that will not end up in landfills. These products can be recycled and so less waste will be formed.  Green technology has lots of benefits. Here we mention some of them.


Using green technology, waste materials can be recycled. So, it helps in waste management. The various products won’t cause land pollution when disposed of. They can be reused or recycled.

Air purification

Every day lots of carbon is released into the air. The vehicles and factories emit a lot of carbon in the air. Green technology can reduce the emission of carbon and make the air pure.

Conserve energy

There are many devices that use up a lot of energy. Manufacturers are coming up with alternative products that use up less energy and environment-friendly. People are now using electric cars and energy saving appliances.

Green technology is not only beneficial for the environment; it is economically viable as well. Green technology will save our planet by reducing the consumption of natural resources. It will help to reduce pollution in our environment. We will be able to create a livable world for our next generation by using green technology. We should make more use of green technology in our lives to make this planet sustainable.

What is memory foam mattress?

Are you having problem sleeping lately? A good night’s sleep is very important for healthy living. If you suffer from sleep deprivation night after night then your health will deteriorate and it will affect your psychology as well. The mattress is one of the main reasons for the disturbance in sleep. Recently, memory foam mattress has become very popular. It offers a lot of benefits and is a great choice for better sleep.

Memory foam mattress was first designed for the seats of NASA airplane in the mid-1960s. Its specialty is that it molds to the body according to heat and pressure. It distributes the body heat evenly, so the original shape of the mattress is retained once you get up. Memory foam mattress is made of a visco-elastic material that provides ultimate comfort.


Memory foam mattresses over several benefits other than giving you a good night’s sleep. It relieves pressure points, so you don’t feel pain in sensitive areas when you wake up. Your body contours to the foam once you lay in your bed. It doesn’t exert any upward pressure on the body.

It supports your back well as it spreads the body weight evenly. If you have arthritis or similar problems then your pain will be relieved by sleeping on memory foam mattress. You can comfortably sleep in any position. You won’t feel any disturbance due to movement of your partner.


This foam may retain the heat of the body. So, you will feel uncomfortable during summer. You might get a chemical smell as well from the mattress after some days of use. It is not recommended for infants.

Memory foam can reduce the mitigation of dust mites and so you will have less chance of having allergies. Cleaning the mattress is very easy. A well-maintained memory mattress can last for a long time. So, if you want to buy a new mattress, you should choose memory foam mattress.

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What is tiny house living?

Tiny house movement was a social movement in America for downsizing the living space. A typical American home is about 2,600 square feet; a tiny house is about 100 to 400 square feet.

How did it start?

When the economy of US collapsed, the housing prices started increasing. Natural disasters like hurricane Katrina made thousands of people homeless. The tiny house movement was considered to be an affordable living choice amongst the challenging economic condition.

The philosophy

The philosophy behind this movement is that being satisfied with what is enough for a good living. Tiny houses utilize space cleverly. You can have all your necessary things inside the tiny space. Though the average family size is smaller now, people are living in bigger houses. They are possessing lots of material stuff like clothing, electronic gadgets, etc. Many young people fall into debt and find it difficult to come out of it. Living in a tiny house can reduce their living cost.


Living in a tiny house is environment-friendly.  You will have less material possessions, so there will be fewer carbon footprints as there will be less waste. The energy consumption will also be less. It will save you a lot of money every month. Tiny house gives you freedom of movement. If you get a job in another place, you can tie the tiny house with your vehicle and take it with you. Your relationship with your family members will improve as you will be living in close proximity.

People spend about one-third of what they earn on housing. That’s why many people cannot save enough money for retirement. Living in a tiny house can help you to become financially sound and get out of debt.